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How long does it take to apply for Explosion-proof Certificate?
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※ Data review period

Generally speaking, we require customers to provide product drawings and technical data for review first, and modify those that do not meet the requirements of explosion-proof type and explosion-proof grade. If the personnel of the enterprise do not know the explosion-proof knowledge and the explosion-proof design, then this aspect needs to be changed greatly or need the intervention of Avanti to assist in the explosion-proof design. In addition, the product structure is very complex, the time will be uncontrollable.

※ Testing period

The normal test time is one and a half months for the flameproof type and about two weeks for the intrinsic safety type. Of course, this test cycle is based on the premise that the technical data is qualified and the test sample passes the test once. If there are unqualified items in the test process that need to be rectified, the enterprise shall actively cooperate.

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