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KY Certificate and Testing
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KY Certificate refer to mine general electrical equipment certification, refers to a safety certification for electrical equipment (excluding cables and conductors) used in coal mine gas free, coal dust explosion hazardous areas and other similar underground industrial production departments such as non coal mines.

Products with KY certification must be stamped with permanent mark "KY" in an obvious position.

KY certificate is valid for 5 years.

KY Testing standard: GB / T 12173-2008 general electrical equipment for mining


Unlike MA Certificate, applying KY does not require Factory aduit.

KY Testing is only for the performance applicable to the special environment of the mine. The test is mainly for the IP, strength, insulation performance, maximum surface temperature and other aspects of the shell.

What data does KY certification need to prepare?

(1) User’s manual

(2) Product standard

(3) Product drawings

 (including circuit diagram, PCB diagram, general assembly drawing, BOM, etc.)

(4) Samples

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